Centre Point


Fully Furnished Apartment @ Gandhinagar, Gujarat

“CENTRE POINT” means state-of-art in providing comfort, style and luxury

located in the heart of Gandhinagar.



Bathroom with W.C.


Benefits of Owning “CENTRE POINT” :

  • Paid Professional Management will maintain the Apartment
  • Feeling of owning a Home Away From Home
  • Owner will enjoy 45 days in a year with minimum service charge
  • House keeping and maintenance will be provided every day
  • Linen and towels to be replaced on weekly basis with extra charges.
  • Option of choosing home food prepared inside fully equipped kitchen instead outside food
  • Washing machine to take care of your clothes while you remain occupied with other chores
  • 24 X 7 security guard and CCTV camera for safety and security
    All furniture and fixtures designed by architects having 4 star quality. Electrical and electronic gadgets will be offered by the developer on discounted rates(Daikin,L.G,Samsung,Haier or equivalent)
  • Apartment owners can choose to out source his/her apartment on-decent rent on specific period lease, when not in use, and thus earn revenue through this investment. But can be used for self-occupancy when visiting India for brief spell during vacation and celebrations.

Dream Home for NRI’s & NRG’s

Discover the perfect opportunity to realize your dream home in the vibrant city of Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Tailored exclusively for NRI’s (Non-resident Indians) and NRG’s(Non-Resident Gujatatis), our comprehensive services streamline the journey to your ideal abode. With a deep understanding of your unique needs, we offer a seamless transition, encompassing every facet from legalities to cultural nuances. Embrace a life of comfort and luxury, where your aspirations come to life in the form of architectural marvels. Let expert guidance accompany you through this transformative experience, ensuring your dream home mirrors your vision while capturing the essence of Gujarat’s rich heritage and modernity.

Location :

Centre Point is located at Kudasan in New Gandhinagar.Close proximity of “CH” and “GH” roads. One side of this property abutting to 24mt wide road and other side faces garden. Prominent landmarks like Gift City, Infocity, NID, NIFT, DAIICT, PDPU and TCS within 8 km radius of our Centre Point.This establishes rental demand of our apartment by Corporate connected with all these.

Role of Professional Management :

  • Execute lease deed with property owner for certain time frame to operate as rental apartment.
  • Maintain the property.
  • Generate revenue by giving property on rental basis.
  • After deducting management charges and internal maintenance charges, contribute the remaining generated revenue to the property owner.

Role of Property Owner :

  • Execute Lease deed with Service provider Management.
  • Electrical charges to be paid by the owner during their stay.
  • Laundry charges to be paid by the owner during their stay.
  • Owner to. inform management by at least three month prior to their visit in India and occupancy of their apartments.
  • Owner to pay general maintenance to the society.
    (The above terms, conditions and offers are based only on projections and will be finalized and implemented only after certain number of owners join this type of module)


Let’s start living luxury.

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